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 New Rps Open!

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PostSubject: New Rps Open!   Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:33 pm

RPB has introduced two new rps into the line-up:

The Frozen Skies of Dalmand, courtesy of TheDarkestAnimeFan: A mystery/survival rp where you can join the fantastic voyage of the ship Sleipnir as a bodyguard, adventurer, hunter,
lord, engineer or scientists and explore a world of guilds, strange technology, and epic conflicts where imagination is the limit.

The Terrene: Forest at War, by RyubosJ: A thrilling adventure of a handful of men stationed at a great mountain fort who are all that stand between the Empire of Kartash and the madness and terrors of the forest beyond.

If you're interested in these rps, give them a look in the rp section and feel free to ask their creators any questions. Let's keep the rp section alive and well by encouraging new and original rps!

~The staff


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New Rps Open!
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