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 Jorg's Bizarre RP Idea

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PostSubject: Jorg's Bizarre RP Idea   Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:29 pm

The RP concept I have right now is that of an adventure type rp, you will travel along the vast world, metting new people, new cultures, new allies and enemies and all that adventure brings you. You will start in a desert theme land where you will introduce your characters and later on be moving towards another land so on so fourth until, well, that would be a spoiler. Because of that I have only started making the Desert theme land while the other ones only having a bare concept, and for the most part will only move to the rest until I am 100% satisfied with the current one.
Long ago a mighty country of political power, put into ruins when the Calamity hit. Of all lands, it was hit the least, but that did not mean eminent change didn’t happen, these lands of once great plains filled with life, now swept by dry winds and lack of rain, making it into a giant desert.
The former population or the few that survived were met with terrible conditions and had no choice but to adapt. Nomads, traveling from one oasis to another, they were able to survive.
Animal life was also heavily affected, before with a great abundance of mammals, they eventually died of starvation in these extreme conditions. In their place, reptiles were able to thrive and also became a great threat of the human population. As these oversized reptiles began to slowly overtake the land and continuously push the humans, making life even harsher.
Until one day a hero appeared. The legend of this hero is rather simple. A single man hidden in a black cloak and a golden mask commanded the lands to bring fourth water, and in doing so, the land split in half and water began to fill it up, creating a river. And it’s said that where the hero walks no predator can be found, as if his very existence was a warning to all evil in these lands. The hero than constructed the now great city called Vavel and its magnificent walls that protected the people from danger. From there on the hero was crown and became the ruler of Athevna.
The Immortal King. Son of Aiel the God of the River. The Immortal King hidden behind as a golden mask and a black cloak is in reality a system of several rulers. Long ago there truly was an Immortal King, however one day this kind simply vanished leaving behind his mask and cloak. One of his counselors upon discovering this disguised himself as the Immortal King as to not worry the population of their hero, their god disappearing. And from there on The Immortal King existed, future generations that took his place did not mind to hide behind a mask as the status of being a god was too good to abdicate. And thus it became a system, if the one playing as the Immortal King were to die then one of the many counselors would simply take his place and thus the truth would be hidden from the population.
Since his rise, the Athevna has flourished and many great cities have grown.
Vavel: The original city, surrounded by large think walls it is a wonder of engineering and it is considered the greatest pride of the Athevnas. Built around a large lake, it is the largest and wealthiest city of the land, for many it is a dream to even walk there much more to live inside it’s walls. It’s habitants for the most part are either related to religion, art, the army or philosophes.
Olrio: The second largest city of the land, and by many called the City of Trade, though to it’s location the city is mainly habituated by merchants. It is connected with every other city through trade routes and thanks to its his capital it is able to maintain the safety to said routes by hiring mercenaries. It is also highly influenced by fisherman.
Miros: The City of Mercenaries an infamous city that is known for it’s large mercenary population. Despite the bad reputation, it’s considered the safest city second only to the capital. It’s a relatively small city as most of its inhabitants rarely spend any time there before leaving for a job offer.
Aimatos: The City of Blood, it’s not even a city and more of a mining operation, and it’s habitants are for the most part slaves with the few exceptions of officers in charge to guarding the area. The importance of metal as recently risen making this operation only two generations old, making it the youngest city.
Dolofonos: An old tribe that remained independent from the Kingdom of Athevna. The inhabitants are considered to be the best of hunters and mainly survive through hunting as even it’s water source comes from the blood of their preys. They are easily recognized by the permanent black paint that they spread over their body as a ritual for adulthood. A slave of a Dolof is the most valuable type of slave. Their culture also differs greatly from the rest and aside for mating reasons, there is no distinction made between man and woman.
How Magic Works:
What is Magic?
Magic is the art of bringing out your conscience and imprinting it into the world. In many ways, it’s the art of affecting the world with your mind, though that’s a generalization and not how it actually works.
Can anyone use Magic?
Yes and no, to utilize Magic one requires a type of energy found only inside a few, this energy as several names depending on your location, though it’s correct name is mana. Mana is the energy one utilizes to as fuel for the brain to imprint it’s thoughts into the world. That said there are some forms of Magic that have power in by themselves and do not require mana to be fulfilled.
How does one gain mana?
Mana is generally something you are born with. If you have someone in your family tree that had mana, then you tend to have a chance to being born with it, though the farther said person is related to you, the lesser the chance. People with mana are typically said to possess Magic Cores, which is a symbolic name meaning that your soul is capable of producing mana. It is artificially possible to grant someone a Magic Core.
How does Magic differ from region to region?
Because Magic is the art of imprinting your conscience into the world, one’s conscience entirely changes how they will utilize magic or how even it’s possible to use them. The human mind has great control over Magic and can radically change its very nature.
In Athevna, Magic is considered a divine power that the Gods granted to a family so that that family can then spread that God’s influence, thus the magic that that family can create is entirely dependent on the God in question. As such influence becomes an extra power source for Magic in this environment, the more followers one has the more powerful one is in Magic.
For that reason it’s considered heretic for one to possess Magic and yet not be actively looking for followers for their God that granted them power. However because the heretics do not believe that influence is power, than they are unaffected by that lack of it, though those with influence will most of the time be in an advantage in comparison.
What dictates or what limits are in Magic?
Magic is a human ability; as such the limits and what dictates it are humans themselves. If all humans one day believe that Magic isn’t possible, then Magic will seize to exist, because humans have in their minds branded it as impossible, and in Magic belief is it’s source of control, if no one believes it’s possible then no one can control it.
This should tell you that Magic’s capabilities are also dictated by what humans believe, if humans believe that X is impossible then it will be impossible, as such belief or culture is a powerful tool in Magic, and Magic tends to differ greatly from area, in some Magic might be so common that all can use, and in another, it might not even be possible to use.
This said it should be important that it’s not general belief that’s important, but one’s own belief, as such mages tend to be unaffected when traveling to other areas even if in those said area Magic is impossible. General belief only matters if one; your own view in Magic requires it, or two; if you are being raised amongst those beliefs.
What happens when belief affects the world without Magic being involved, Crystallization happens. If Magic is one’s ability to imprint their mind into the world, then Crystallization is a group’s imprint of their mind into the world. In many ways Magic systems are Crystallizations as the population simply believes it to be X and it turn out to be X. But this isn’t the most common of examples. All kinds of existences have been Crystallized, Gods, Devils, heroes, monsters, among other things. It’s a common effect that occurs in populations; however it can only happen within populations. Put it simple, it’s impossible for a single mind to Crystallize.
Weaponry and Armory
Swords are uncommon, the high amount of metal require to make one, makes sword a high investment and since most people only have to deal with the scaled creatures from the desert, swords are known to break rather fast. Spears and Bows on the other hand are the most common weapons around, Bows require only wood, string and stone, thus making it an inexpensive weapon, however though to the skill level require to use them, while they are common, most people that use them can’t use them that well, Spears also only need wood and stone, sometimes bones or metals can be used for the tip, spears break a lot since the wood is fragile but since it’s just wood it’s easily replaced.
Armory is rare; in fact armor is considered a weakness. While amongst the nobles armor can be used as decorations or even fashion, it is outright suicidal to wear armor in the desert. The weight of the armor makes traveling in the sand impossible; the creatures of the desert are all supersized monsters that will eat you whole, meaning that agility is more important than defense, and since weapons are also weak there isn’t much reason for armor, thus when one wears armor it tends to be sigh of ignorance and they tend to be the first to die in action.
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PostSubject: Re: Jorg's Bizarre RP Idea   Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:39 pm

I really like that the Immortal Ruler is actually a legacy of people taking up the mantle without the knowledge of the people so that their leader stays "immortal."

City of blood sounds pretty ominous lol.

I like all the other concepts, but we already talked about the magic, crystallization, and weapons before.


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Jorg's Bizarre RP Idea
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