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 Forum Ranks

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Paramount Pagemaster
Paramount Pagemaster

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PostSubject: Forum Ranks   Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:13 pm

For those of you wondering how the ranking system will work on RP Bastion, we've developed this system to differentiate ranks and groups as follows:

Standard Members

0 posts - Worthless Wordslinger
500 posts - Penniless Playwright
1000 posts - Simplistic Scripter
2500 posts - Amateur Author
5000 posts - Noteworthy Novelist
7500 posts - Established Essayist
10000 posts - Winning Wordsmith

Special Ranks (denoted by banners)

VIP - Celebrity Composer
Mod - Capable Critic
Global Mod - Captious Critic
Admin - Elite Editor
Chief Admin - Paramount Pagemaster


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Forum Ranks
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