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 The Frozen Skies of Dalmand- IC Thread

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Worthless Wordslinger
Worthless Wordslinger

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PostSubject: The Frozen Skies of Dalmand- IC Thread   Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:13 pm

The year is 467, a year based on a calender which began
after an event no one remembers. No one could tell you much about this event,
or why the sky ceased to have clouds so long ago. Perhaps a few remember, or
found out, but decided to keep silent. But the world moved on. History is now
far more focused on the great unification of the lands into three great
monarchies: Lorianne, Wulfrane, and Haibelstaf, with the odd republic
stubbornly cruising along in some corner no ruler particularly cared about.
While practically the same language is spoken in every land dialects differ
greatly and accents even more so. Due to the recent unification and later rise
in popularity of Yarmal- a single religion previously plagued by subsects- in
all territories but Wulfrane, a spirit of curiosity and philosophy took the
lands. While it is enough to distract much of the population, many old generals
and rulers still remember all too clearly the violence of four hundred years
worth of hostilities which took place in the Great Central War- a three sided
effort by each kingdom to wrest control of the central area purely for their
use, as it contained the most fertile lands. The conflict would have drug on
for far longer had the tides of public opinion not changed, and the central
land boundaries were left greatly unaffected. While leaders throughout the
decades keep this in mind, much of the citizenry has been more keen to accept
an end to constant warfare, following the writings of pro-peace philosophers,
many of whom were part of or later joined the Magister's Guild. Following these
events, the shift in focus from traditional war to higher technology caused science
to reach a golden age. While the philosophers already cheer victory after long
years of effort, not all of it has been peaceful. Powders have been invented to
ignite and combust, taken from a newly discovered substance called Olradite,
named after the rising star Vincent Olran in the Magisters Guild, the leading
organization of scientists. New effective bolt action rifles, small combustion
engines and limited electricity are but a few wonders brought about by these
events but the grandest yet was also wrought by Olran's group. An international
franchise of sorts resulted from the completion of his work: an expedition past
the known world as humanity's curiosity is at its height. And the most
astounding part?

You are invited.



Major Cities:

Lorianne- Birthplace of philosophers and enlightened
thinking, Lorianne made much of its wealth due to its control of large spans of
the coastline and contains the most powerful and decadent nobility.


Wulfrane- Traditional and stubborn, the nobles of Wulfrane
are few, and their powers fewer compared to their king's. Wulfrane is highly
landlocked, technologically behind and experiences the coldest winters.


Haibelstaf- Militant and volatile, Haibelstaf only recently
gained a group of sufficiently powerful merchant lords and criminal syndicate
heads to control the laws of the city, creating a very clear distinction
between the few who have money and the rest struggling not to starve in the


The Sleipnir

The Sleipnir is a massive craft with a hull based on
warships to allow landing in rough areas and floatation in the ocean. The
Sleipnir's decks are made of polished and treated hardwood atop a brass surface
which contains the intricate network of air ducts and valves which make rooms
airtight should the ship enter exceptionally high altitudes. While most ship
surfaces passengers see are wood, tile and carpeting, the actual infrastructure
is a marvel of brass and iron infrastructure. Two side decks span off from
either side which contain two large glass domes which house the mechanisms that
grant the Sleipnir flight: Two graviton cores based off constantly rotating
axis. The cores free the sections from the effects of gravity, allowing several
large weights on rails below deck to shift the craft in any direction before
locking the axis in place, shifting the gravitational force in a fixed
location, thereby pulling the ship along through the air. Olran takes complete
credit for these devices, and shares his notes with none, so to the much of the
public just how such a technology was crafted is a mystery.

The Upper Deck
is exposed to the air and full of
handrails which lead to key maintenance positions and other entrances to the
decks below. From here you can look up and see the raised room with a a large
window that spans the entire room 360 degrees, giving the captain and
navigators within a constant, all encompassing view of their progress without
being restricted by the rooms housing the cores on the left and right side of
the ship.


The Middle Deck is composed of the main foyer which
leads into every other section of the ship, a frontal observation deck with a
large curved window, the lounge, the dining hall and the rooms for guests and
key people aboard.


The Lower Deck contains the board rooms for the
staff, the kitchens, the staff mess hall, and a back facing air dock wing
containing small ships designed to be able to cross bodies of water and glide
along with the ship, attached to a system of sliding rails by chains should
maintenance be needed immediately without landing.

Things to note about the rp

Time is an important factor to be conscious of, though that doesn't mean sticking around in one spot for a while will really get you anything. Consider the situation and decide whether or not the party should move on or spend more time doing something/staying somewhere.

Thorough investigations can start generally anytime the party believes there is time to slow down and carefully examine their environment. Having someone on guard can ward off possible trouble sometimes, though this will prevent them from helping in the investigation. Investigations can provide the most information about an area, (such as how deep that pool of water you ran past actually is), and is the easiest ways to get clues. Investigations generally go like this: General area -> Notable aspects -> Specific areas -> Specific items/objects/etc. -> What they mean to you.

-New characters can join any time before or during the rp
after they have had a sheet approved and are spawned in by a gm.

Gms: Darkest

-Gm's provide updates for their designated groups, answer
questions and generally provide context of the dynamic environment as the
players move the plot forward.[/i]

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Worthless Wordslinger
Worthless Wordslinger

Posts : 237
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Age : 25
Location : North Carolina

PostSubject: Re: The Frozen Skies of Dalmand- IC Thread   Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:13 pm

OOC: Characters will spawn on board the ship after the first event has occurred. They will have some time to interact and speak with npc's before leaving for the first island. The island is not yet within a distance to quite tell what it is at the time of spawn, and all characters (and most important npcs) are on the upper observation deck, with a large window overlooking their progress.
Please sign up a character in the OOC creation thread here:

I will have the opening post up as soon as at least two people sign up.
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The Frozen Skies of Dalmand- IC Thread
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