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 Supernatural: Legacy S2 - Forgive Us Our Debts

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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural: Legacy S2 - Forgive Us Our Debts   Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:20 pm

Jordan grimaced and shook his head. Wow, she could not be more off-base.

"Actually," he said. "We're here to talk about Stewart."

The blonde woman - Genevieve, she said - sat back in her chair and regarded them.

"Stewart?" She shook her head. "Are you two detectives or something?"

Jordan glanced at Edgar. "Or something."

Genevieve hugged her arms and looked away. "I told the police everything I know. I don't know what happened to Stewart."

Jordan scratched his chin, looking thoughtful, gauging the woman's reaction. She was obviously hiding something - the question was, just how much? Only one way to find out.

"Did you tell them everything you know about this?" Jordan asked, holding up the picture they'd found.

Genevieve went white. Her gaze immediately darted to her boss' office before coming back to them.

"H-How did...?" she trailed off, biting her lip. She glanced back at her boss' office again, then fumbled with a notepad. "I'll tell you what I know. But not here, please? Not now. This is my address. Please, just come tonight. I swear I'll tell."

Her boss stepped out of the office and nodded to them. Genevieve immediately changed pose and offered them an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry we can't help you at this time," she said in a rehearsed tone. "Please come back when you have the proper documentation. You can call back to schedule an appointment, or just walk in. Thank you."

Jordan grabbed the slip of paper with the address and stood up. Letting Genevieve talk on her own terms would probably help to loosen her tongue. Of course, she could try to skip out on them, but Jordan was fully prepared to stake out the bank till it closed.


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Supernatural: Legacy S2 - Forgive Us Our Debts
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