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 Supernatural: Legacy - Wicked Things

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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural: Legacy - Wicked Things   Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:42 am

Mati put his warm hand on Jordan's shoulder, "Hey, you will definitely see your family again. I will make sure of it."

Mati then draw a symbol on piece of a paper, sticking it to the door. "Just making sure we are secured." Said Mati, "It's alarm spell. It would trigger loud noise in our head if unwanted guests try to enter this room to kidnap any one of us."

One of his mother's spells that had saved his family time to time.

"Let's take a good rest for tonight. I doubt Larka would be so foolish to attack us again when she got a unexplained variable such as me standing here."
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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural: Legacy - Wicked Things   Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:00 am

Jordan frowned at Mati's words. It was only too remember Larka's last smile and her haunting words.

"On the contrary. I already have everything I need. I'm sure we'll meet again."

"No," Jordan said, brow furrowed. "I have a feeling Larka has no intention of sticking around."

Mati might have sparked her interest, but if what she said was true, she had already unlocked the key to perfect chimerization. And if she was able to use, would there be any stopping her?

He shook away the thought. They would stop her. They had to. Besides, they still had Mati, and who knew what he was capable of.

"Yeah, I'm long overdue for some sleep," he said, smiling. "Night."

Jordan laid back on his pillow, his breath slowing to a deep, steady rhythm, the worries of what had happened and what was ahead blissfully out of mind.


Aurora glanced at her phone laying on the front seat of her car, almost expecting to a hear another call telling her the previous one had been a mistake.

Larka... Larka had been found.

But according to Mati, the Men of Letters were close on her trail. And Bram would surely be following up on this as well. Her chances were looking razor thin, but it didn't matter. She had to try. No matter what Larka had done, she still loved her. And as long as love existed, there was a hope for redemption.

"I'm coming, sister," she murmured.


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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural: Legacy - Wicked Things   Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:46 pm

"Good night, Jordan." Said Mati with assuring smile, and he walked outside.

Mati sighed as he went outside, and he saw the person who he had cried out for help. "Hannah." Said Mati, the reaper's eyes and Mati's eyes were locked. Mati stared at her coldly and Hannah stared at him back. If it was normal being, he should have died. But, no, he looked fearless. 'Death' was something he did not fear, but something he had embraced it long time ago. Probably that is the reason why 'Death' was so interested with him; a being that did not fear of dying. A being that might want to be dead, and he might even be a being that wants to be in purgatory to consume whatever it is in there.

His fire is, after all, related to the power of consume... Well, fortunately, Mati does not know such property of his power, thus, his power never used to consume something. But one day, he may and that would be the day he would be threat to the world.

In any case, Mati broke his cold stare. and sighed deeply. "Couldn't you have at least told me where he was?" Hannah shrugged, "It was not in my job's description. Besides, he was not going to die there." Mati curled his lips, unsatisfied with her answer.

Mati scratched his hair, "You know, today's experience gave me a scary thought... What if I was created like those chimeras? What if I was not born naturally like others? What if I am man made? I mean made by an angel and a demon...?"

Hannah stayed silent, Mati continued, "May be I am a monster created by people who I call parents, not a being that was born from love, but a being born from hatred... Hatred of this world, hatred of God, or idea of vengeance... Or something to destroy what God created?"

Hannah just stayed quiet, Mati let out deep sigh again, shook his head. "Just answer me one thing Hannah... Was I born from mother's womb or was I made from a lab like those chimeras?"

Hannah finally let out a sigh, "You should ask your parents, you existence was not known to this realm for long time. Angels and demons found out your existence not too long ago."

Mati smiled weakly, "Another question to ask my parents, huh?" Mati sighed once more and walked towards his car.

He definitely won't be able to sleep, so why not stare at the stars for tonight.

That was the thought of Mati, and Hannah watched his lonely walk from a distance.
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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural: Legacy - Wicked Things   

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Supernatural: Legacy - Wicked Things
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