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 Dragon Riders Online IC

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Riders Online IC   Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:03 am

COMA Shy'Fei ~+~ 

Well would you look at that." Cifujis commented as the Multi headed serpent perished under the combined strength of the Dragons and their Riders.

Unfortunately their victory cheer was short lived as portals opened up, dishing out enemy forces in large numbers.

, Shy'Fei, unfortunately the strategy for the Hydra may not be viable as there are a lot more enemies and they are spread too far and wide."

The Dragon Rider stroked his chin in thought as his fellow riders charged in with their attacks. Looking upon the battle of the many, an idea formulated in his mind.

"Aha!!" he exclaimed. "Shy'Fei, maybe you can do that psychic attack you did before. That should give our team some breathing room by confusing the enemy as they won't know where the attacks are coming from."

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Riders Online IC   Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:47 am

[All Party]

"I am fed up with this game of cat and mouse, and why am I hiding against them?" Said the overlord, then suddenly the hooded figure nearby him grabbed overlord by his neck. "You are right, I am fed up seeing them getting in my ways. You think I didn't know? You were helping them weren't you?" The overlord tried to struggle but with the hooded figure drained all the power of the overlord before he could do anything. The lifeless overlord was tossed to the ground.

All the warriors and dragons were shocked and fear creeped on them; the hooded figure revealed his face. The hazel eyes and grey hair with scars across his face, he looked not just mad, but severely mad. "Enough with play time. Call all the generals on earth to this planet. We cannot no longer let them get in our ways." Other hooded figures nodded silently and disappeared by creating portal.

Meanwhile, the training that N had been carried over with those two suddenly stopped. N looked paler than before, she bite her lips. "It seems we no longer have enough time to train, but fight." She spoke heavily, "I have to open the portal and strengthen you with my life force so you could at least fight against the enemies." She looked upon a sky, looked little upset. "Too bad I won't see the new world with my own eyes..." then she hold right hand with Greet, and one with Arthur, "Have faith in your powers, and please use it to end them." She smiled and suddenly her hands glow and pumped magic into these two, and both(Greet and Arthur) could feel overwhelming power coursing through their veins as if something that was locked inside them being forcefully open.

Soon they were teleported to the place where they could see several dragons and riders fighting against each other. However, N was no where to be seen. Then among those dragons that were attacking other riders and dragons, two dragons flew to them. As if they were being called to them, for some weird reason, Greet and Arthur suddenly knew what to do. Call their names to bring back to them.

As Ashley and Zel dive into the pit, white light greeted them and covered them. A gentle voice, yet hard to distinguish the gender asked. "What is your wish young dragon?" Zel surprised that it had asked her instead of her rider, she looked stunned. But that did not last long, she knew what she wanted. "I want dragons and human to coexist and fight against that's threatening the universe!"

Then the gentle voice answered "As you wish..."

From the pit that Ashley and Zel had dove into, pillar of light burst forth. Then the pillar of light separated and got into every dragons.

Then every dragons shout in pain, falling to the ground. Exceptions were dragons who were with Andrew and others. Also two other dragons that were straight away flying towards the two newly appeared figures.

Andrew shouted at his allies. "Don't attack those two, and their dragons. They are the reinforcements!"

Shy'fei and rest of the dragons stopped their attack as well as all other dragons and riders were in pain for some reason.

Then from pit, Zel and Ashley finally came out. Zel was surprised by what she was seeing, "Do you think I did not phrase it well? Why are they in pain?" Zel asked her partner.

Then Leon soon realized what was happening; "Something is happening to them." Said Leon, "some kind of spell is wearing off??" Said Leon in surprise.

That being said another huge portal was opened. The nine people appeared from the portal. Their clothes were stained in blood. Ocenyx growled, "I smell dragons and human bloods from their clothes"

One of the eight hooded figure, snapped his finger and lightning clouds were formed and the lightning struck all the dragons and riders in pain. Decimating them. The man who were not covering his face with hood grinned.

The guy who only had been revealing his face to them, clapped in slow manner and came forth. "Congratulations. You have foiled my plan again." The man stared at the direction of Andrew, and Andrew frowned. The man continued, "I am sick of you getting into my plans every now and then so I decided to end you and your friends all in one go."

However before anything happen, there was loud and clear snap of finger.

Sigils appeared at every single hooded figures. When every one looked at where the sound came from, there was a woman. It was N, "This is my last present." Said N, "Good luck." Then she glowed in blue light and disappeared.

The grey hair snorted angrily. "So she finally mastered that ultimatum spell in the end." He stared at them for long time, but soon portal was opened behind them. "We will end this at the overlord's castle. I will give this world two days. Hope you come with white flag, Andrew."

Then they disappeared into portal.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Riders Online IC   Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:50 pm

Ashley and Zel dove into the yawning mouth of the pit. But it wasn't darkness that greeted them, but light. A voice spoke to them - no, to Zelenia - asking for a wish.

"I want dragons and human to coexist and fight against that's threatening the universe!" Zel declared. In response, a pillar of light erupted and struck all the other dragons. Zelenia and Ashley flew back outside, surveying the battlefield.

"Do you think I did not phrase it well? Why are they in pain?" Zelenia asked her. Ashley shook her head.

Leon, who was nearby, flew closer to them.

"Something is happening to them," he told them, "Some kind of spell is wearing off?"

The rest of the group moved in closer as a huge portal opened. Ocenyx and Samir moved beside Ashley and Zelenia as Ocenyx sniffed at the air.

"I smell dragons and human bloods from their clothes," he growled. Ashley stared at the blood-spattered rows and bit her lip. Who were these people? What did they want?

One of the eight hooded figure, snapped his finger and lightning clouds were formed and the lightning struck all the dragons and riders in pain. The ringleader seemed poised to take them all on, but a ghostly figure appeared and forced away the new enemies. They vanished through a portal, leaving their taunts behind.

"Who were those guys?" Samir asked Leon. "What do they want?"

Ashley stroked Zelenia's neck silently. If those guys were what stood between them and escape from this world, they were in a lot of trouble.


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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Riders Online IC   Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:10 pm

Arthur Graham

Just as Arthur felt he was finally getting into this strange training, it abruptly stopped. The forest he'd been crawling in suddenly vanished, and they were again in the room N originally brought them to. He noted she looked paler by several shades. He was about to crack a joke about her looking even more like a ghost now when she started monologueing, then grabbed his and his cohort's hands, saying something about faith and power.

Arthur felt immense power course through his veins, before the view before his eyes changed and he found himself somewhere unfamiliar, yet familiar at the same time. He turned his eyes to the sky and saw a large white form racing toward him. A strange feeling welled up from inside him as recognition filled his gaze. He felt he knew what he had to do.

"Ghim!" He called the whispy white figure's name as loud as he could.

Arthur saw the sight of many dragons, with the exception if Ghim and a handful of others, roiling in pain, as N appeared and seemed to pusch back some sinister figures. He could tell she'd given her life for it. The figures then spoke condescending words before they vanished.

"Would someone please tell me what's going on here already!?" Arthur roared with all the might of his built-up frustration.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Riders Online IC   

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Dragon Riders Online IC
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